My work involving hypnosis and hypnotherapy has now spanned 57 years.

During this time, I completed a 32-year career with Los Angeles County, working primarily in counseling and treatment programs.

Also, during this time, I engaged in the following professional activities:

  1. I Maintained a hypnotherapy counseling practice;
  2. Worked as a hypnotherapist in a regional medical center’s pain clinic;
  3. Taught hypnosis and hypnotherapy subject matter workshops to licensed psychotherapists throughout California; and,
  4. Taught continuing education classes for the Department of Educational Psychology, at California State University Northridge (CSUN)

That which sets me apart from others in my profession includes the following:

  1. The extent of my diversified training;
  2. The scope of my education;
  3. The fact that for 10 years I worked, as a hypnotherapist, in a medical center’s pain clinic;
  4. My extensive client experience with hypnosis and hypnotherapy;
  5. The fact that I have trained licensed therapists thought California in the use of hypnosis; and,
  6. My diversified work, by way of referrals, from dentists, physicians, and licensed therapists, as documented on the Professional Testimonials page of my website

In short, I am uniquely experienced and qualified in the profession of hypnotherapy. This is also the case when it comes to using Zoom and other video conferencing platforms, where I provide proficiency training to clients  at no charge. 

To protect the confidentiality and privacy of clients, I use the HIPAA compliant version of Zoom, my video conferencing platform of choice.

Hypnotherapists’ address issues that do not qualify as medical, emotional, or psychological disorders.  However, as a hypnotherapist, I have had a long history of working, by way of referrals, with the patients of dentists, medical doctors, and psychotherapists.  Said work most often involves issues beyond the scope of self-improvement counseling.

Generally speaking a hypnotherapist address the little things that the majority of people struggle with on a daily basis. It is safe to say that most everyone you know, yourself included, wants to improve in one way or another.  Improving your golf game, increasing your confidence and motivation, reducing stress, improving sleep quality, stopping smoking, addressing your fear of public speaking, and more are all specialties of a hypnotherapist. A comprehensive list of the issues I have addressed, over these many years, can be viewed under the Issues Frequently Addressed Through Hypnotherapy tab on my website.

Unlike psychologists and medical doctors, a hypnotherapist is the only professional specifically trained to work in most areas of self-improvement.

As a hypnotherapist, my goal is to help you achieve your underlying potential, while placing you on a path of personal growth and success.  Though we cannot change your past; you can change and thereby become empowered to resolve the current challenges you face in life life.  By way of hypnosis and through hypnotherapy, you can modify long-standing behavior patterns and or underlying negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling, meaningful, productive, and rewarding life.

Stuart Hellebrand, M.S., C.Ht.

Certified Hypnotherapist