Client Testimonials

“You helped me through a very tumultuous time while studying for the MCAT.

What I valued most was your time, kindness and encouragement.”

-Jim S.

“You provided me with the closest thing I have ever felt to having the support from a father figure. I loved it. I needed it. I grew because of it, and I will always feel indebted to you for it.

You really were a Godsend to me.”

-Soraya S.

“You saved my life by helping me become a non-smoker.

It sounds strange to say but I feel like I have two fathers: the one who first gave me life, and the one who gave me the rest of my life.”

-Jim W.

“May others be so blessed as I was in finding you.”

-Clint J.

“Stuart, your help has created a profound improvement in my life.

You have helped me survive emotional upheaval, fear of surgery and be more organized and productive in my work.

Thank you so much for helping in so many ways.

You are extremely professional but completely compassionate and generous.”

-Melissa C.

“I am still using self-hypnosis 5-6 times a week and have thus far had incredible results.

Things are going well and are in line for a successful third year in veterinary school.”

-Matt S.

“Stuart looked at my life history, quantified it, analyzed it, and then came up with a game plan.

It was never easy and always challenging, but that is really the only way to get to the core fundamentals. I had “really tough” homework and “nail biting” sessions, eventually starting the closure of one door at a time.

Stuart is resilient and determined, aggressive and challenging. He is the person you wish was holding your hand as you went through life. He helped save mine!”

-Kym H.

“I took my son to see Stuart to enhance his basketball skills using hypnosis. He first explained to us exactly what to expect during the session.

Stuart specifically worked with my son to enhance his shooting ability. It was amazing how much my son used the visualization and focusing techniques during his practices.

Prior to this treatment my son had a hard time making freethrow shots; at the conclusion of working with Stuart, my son became the best freethrow shooter on the team.

We both were thrilled with the results!”

-Greg C.

“I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me, including attending my graduation.

Our work together had an integral impact on my success at becoming a veterinarian.

I use your teachings every day and will continue to do so to become the very best veterinarian I can be.

I don’t know if I could have been the caliber of student it took to become a doctor without what you taught me.

In all honesty, I hope you never retire as a hypnotherapist, and my dream is to be as good  at what I do as you are at what you do.

I can’t thank you enough for being there during the most demanding times, as without you my dream may never have come true.”

-Dr. Matt S.

“I went to Stuart Hellebrand years ago for pretty garden variety anxiety – although it certainly didn’t feel garden variety at the time.

Stuart manages to be both professional and personable with a business-like (in a good way) approach to resolving issues as a team.

Stuart is very busy and has no need to create an annuity stream but is rather intent on structuring an approach that will produce results.

I recommend Stuart Hellebrand as a hypnotherapist that can be trusted to work with good intent always and be very likely to produce results in cases he takes on.”

-Leslie K.

“I have sought the Hypnosis services of Stuart on several occasions.

I found Stuart to be very concerned about the needs of his clients. He took the time to be sure he understood the purpose of my consultation so he could assist me in achieving my best results.

I was so impressed by Stuart’s expertise about his subject that I invited him to be a guest on my Radio Talk Show, “Let Go and Grow” in 2009.

I know that anyone seeking hypnosis for the first time is in good hands with Stuart because his intention is always to help his client feel at ease while getting results.”


-Patt S.

“Hurray for Stuart!  An angel was sent when I needed him the most.

What a joy it is to see my children now making positive choices and overcoming their demons!

When my adult children were dealing with challenges, I sought out Stuart Hellebrand for help.

One was dealing with health issues and was having difficulty ending the tobacco habit.  My second needed to make better choices when under stress.

Stuart went above and beyond to help both.

They both had roadblocks created in their youth by the actions of extended family members. That trauma showed itself when they were under stress.

I will forever be a grateful parent.

Stuart is a true professional in every sense of the word.

Impeccable credentials, combined with a deep commitment to help his clients succeed, and many years of experience made us comfortable working with Stuart.

I would be happy to see others benefit as my children did.”

-Susan E.

“Real estate is my livelihood.  When I moved to the Coachella Valley, I had to pass the California real estate exam to continue in my career.  Despite the short time frame of 6 days, from when I first saw Stuart to when I took my test, I passed without jitters on my first attempt. I even slept soundly the night before my test.

I can’t say enough good about Stuart.  He instilled a confidence and calm that has carried through to multiple areas of my life.  He really cares about his clients.

I plan to continue working with Stuart on areas of life where I thought I would have stress.

Stuart gets an A+ in my book.

Hypnotherapy is the most worthwhile investment I have made in myself in some time.”

-Lynda D.

“Stuart, you have been like a father to me.

Your compassionate support, in guiding me through my life’s challenges, helped me develop strength and understanding in ways I never knew existed.

Thank you for everything.”

-Lucas C.

Stuart is an amazing person.  He truly is on a quest to help change lives for the better.

When I met Stuart I was very unhappy with my life, because I knew I had more to offer the world.

Stuart helped me devise a plan to get myself in a position where I had an opportunity to change my life for the better.  I’m glad to say that I took that path and my life is currently headed in a direction of great prosperity and happiness.

Stuart helped me so much and I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to meet and work with him!

-Sean D.

“I finished my last quarter of school with 3 A’s and one B, and I already have a job for the summer to help with next year’s expenses.

Thanks for all of your hard work in helping me to find myself, while being more confident in my own skin.”

-Narciso R.

“I can’t thank you enough for all that you have helped me achieve.

The lessons you taught me on how to love myself and how to be happy with myself have helped me turn opportunities into success.

-N. Reyes