Professional Testimonials

“Stuart’s insight and professionalism are above reproach, and his counsel is invaluable.  He is a seasoned veteran in the art of his craft.

On a personal level, Stuart is warm, thoughtful, and kind.  He is humble and genuine.  His love for humanity comes through in his calm demeanor while his wisdom and experience define his confident tone.

He is a valued colleague.

I encourage anyone who is interested in hypnotherapy to contact him.”

-Miguel Oportot, Ph.D.

“Mr. Hellebrand is a talented facilitator and gifted professional.  He is intelligent, well versed, thorough, and very caring.”

-Paulette J. Ozar, M.A., MFT

“The workshop gave direction about possibilities for some of my clients. Stuart makes me want to learn more.”

-Michele Kellog, LCSW

“Stuart is an excellent teacher and leader. His enthusiasm is wonderful to be around and he has a terrific ability to engage participants. His openness and candor is refreshing.”

-Therese Garrett, MFT

“As Director of the Craniofacial Pain / TMJ Clinic at White Memorial Medical Center, in Los Angeles CA, I have known and worked with Stuart Hellebrand for approximately eight years.

As a member of our multi-disciplinary treatment team, Stuart is highly appreciated, respected, and valued for his approachable style, critical thinking, and for the vast experience and knowledge he brings to the clinic.

Clinic staffs agree that Stuart’s teaching style reflects a brilliant demonstration of his ability to effectively communicate information and elicit active participation from a sophisticated audience of professionals.”

-Joseph Schames, DMD

“I cannot overly praise Stuart Hellebrand’s dedication, caring, concern, professionalism, and skills.

Stuart leaves no stone unturned in his open-mindedness, flexibility, and in the application of his great insight, wisdom, and vast amount of experience while addressing an individual’s needs.

Stuart’s selflessness in his determination to help is unending, tempered only by what would be the best for that person he is treating.”

-Diane Weiss, M.D.

“I have known Stuart both as a colleague and as an instructor.

His knowledge of his field of expertise and his ability to communicate this knowledge is truly impressive.

He has a very reassuring way about him, and it is easy to see why he is so effective both as teacher and clinician.

Stuart has the ability to break down a complex subject into easily digestible component parts. He has great enthusiasm for his work both as a clinician and as an instructor.

I offer my unqualified endorsement of Stuart Hellebrand. You are welcome to contact me for any additional information”

-Moss David Posner, M.D.,
California Dept. of Corrections

“I leave with practical information that I can use now.”

-Susan Thornton, LMHC – RAS

“I took a Continuing Education class, which Stuart taught on clinical / psychotherapeutic applications of hypnosis.

I found that class to be highly beneficial and would recommend him to all psychotherapists who are interested in learning more about incorporating hypnosis into their clinical practice.

Some six months later, I called upon Stuart for feedback and guidance regarding a close family member of mine who had recently been diagnosed with a life threatening illness and who I thought / hoped would benefit from hypnosis.

Although I had done some hypnosis work with him already, his specific needs surpassed my experience base and confidence level and I reached out to Stuart for guidance and input, in terms of how I might further help him.

Stuart responded immediately to my request with empathy, compassion, guidance, and inspiration beyond belief.

He helped change the quality of my relative’s life and both directly and indirectly, the scope of my practice.”

-Gayle Genette, Ph.D.

“As nicely sculptured a presentation as I have seen.”

-John Pickering, Ph.D.

“I enjoyed this workshop to the fullest.”

-Toni Garcia, ASW and AOW Counselor

“The workshop gave direction about possibilities for some of my clients. Stuart makes me want to learn more.”

-Carole Thompson, MFT

“More than I expected or hoped. You are highly skilled and compassionate.

In addition, I appreciated your teaching method and expertise, and your willingness to share clinical information.

Your workshop was one of the most refreshing and informative that I have been to in years.”

-Raymond Brittain, LCSW

“Stuart’s class gave me the confidence to use his method in the first induction, using the arm raising induction to ensure that the patient had actually been hypnotized.

Since the class, I have worked with about 20 clients in hypnosis. I found it easy to integrate into my practice even with clients I had already been seeing for a while.

Typically, I use hypnosis in the context of psychotherapy for a specific problem. Therapy generally continues after the problem symptom has been resolved.

Some examples for which I have integrated hypnosis into my practice follow:

  • I worked with an adult female patient with Bipolar I Disorder who had significant problems with perfectionism. She found improvement in 5 sessions.
  • I worked with a male teenager diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder NOS to better relax and be less reactive to situations around him. We worked together for 6 sessions on this.
  • I worked with an adult male patient with Panic Disorder on his panic attacks and was able to get significant results in 10 sessions. He may have not needed more than 6 but he loved the relaxed state it put him in so much that we continued to use the script.
  • I worked with a female teenager diagnosed with Acute Stress Disorder and helped her better cope with the traumatic event of a violent incident with her boyfriend and father of her child. After 5 sessions, she was much better able to cope with her thoughts and feelings regarding the event. She did not go on to meet criteria for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • I worked with an adult female on quitting smoking and after 7 sessions, she stopped smoking all together.
  • I helped a young female adult with procrastination in 4 sessions. She no longer procrastinates.
  • I assisted an adult female patient with a fear of needles in 7 sessions. She is now able to get her blood drawn without difficulty.”
-Melody London, Ph.D.

“Thank you so much for a remarkable workshop. Your presentation was incredible.”

“Thank you again for enlightening our consciousness and inspiring our need to serve others.”

-Gary Pesovento, Ph.D.
and Kaye Pesovento. LCSW, BCD

“Great! … Answered the “How to, Why’s, etc.”

-Paulette Watson, MA, MFT

“I can only recommend your professional skills in the practice of clinical hypnosis as the very best I have encountered to date.

Your personal magnetism and your integrity coupled with your considerable experience and perception as a clinician of the issues confronting your clients is rare.

In short, you have “the gift,” and you apply it responsibly.”

-Moss David Posner, M.D.

“Stuart is a no-nonsense ‘take no prisoners’ type of problem solver.

He is passionate about helping people resolve their issues.

Specializing in hypnotherapy to manage pain, Stuart has become a recognized leader in within the medical community in Southern California.”

-Cathy Severson, M.S.

“Personable, creative and great at both teaching and practicing hypnosis as I experienced him as a teacher and a hypnotherapist for my daughter.”


-Ania Levi, Ph.D.

“When I first met Stuart, he presented in a calm, caring, professional disposition.

His thoughtful dissection of human nature and deep understanding of people’s tendencies lends him quite an advantage in his profession.

He is reverent of the human condition and has always been a bright contributor at the TMJ Clinic.

He and I have had numerous and colorful discussions on mind/body healing. His thoughts are in congruence with my beliefs.

Stuart has an excellent track record and I recommend him highly.”


-Mo Shouka, D.C.

“Stuart has wonderful insight on the human condition and I have found him delightful to interact with.

He has the ability to approach difficult situations in a calm manner, putting his audience in a comfortable position.”

-David Masci, Esq.

“Stuart Hellebrand is an expert in test preparation using the power of your subconscious.”

-Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences (AATBS)

“Stuart is viewed without question as a leader, through his example and the standards which he sets.”

-Paul High, Chief Probation Officer, Los Angeles County