People respond to hypnosis in different ways.  Most describe hypnosis as a normal state of focused attention, in which they feel very calm and relaxed.  Regardless of how and to what degree they respond, most people describe the experience as pleasant.  Individuals are responsive to hypnotic suggestions.  A person’s ability to respond to hypnotic suggestions can be inhibited by fears and concerns arising from common misconceptions.

Contrary to some misconceptions about hypnosis in books, movies, or television, people who have been hypnotized do not lose control over their behavior.  They typically remain aware of everything that transpired during hypnosis.  Hypnosis makes it easier for people to experience post-hypnotic suggestions, but it does not force them to have these experiences.

Hypnotherapy is not a therapy like psychoanalysis.  It is vocational and avocational (self-improvement) counseling.  Additionally, it has medical applications when a client is referred by a dentist or physician.